Presenting, Sales Auditing services from Key Factors. A powerful idea to help you mitigate your sales management challenges. We provide in-depth, third party perspective on the quality and capability of your sales management. Our overall goal is to identify and confirm the many things your company is doing right, to flag problem areas, and to recommend specific steps you can take to improve them. Read on to know more about what and how we do..

We Identify and document existing sales process and activities
Review the implementation of the various processes and activities


Critically Diagnose and Uncover Gaps in the implementation
Evaluate the Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats


Develop observations and recommendations
Provide Consulting and Suggest solutions to overcome hindrance

The Sales Management Challenges

  1. Are Our Sales people demonstrating the required RIGHT behaviour on and off the field?
  2. Are our sales supervisors effectively balancing between controlling behaviour and monitoring task of the sales team?
  3. Is our sales office Culture promoting accountability and ownership?
  4. Do we know what happens to the follow up calls in case of attrited employees?
  5. Is our sales pipeline management mechanism monitoring calls in various stages?
  6. Are our sales Committments derived out of robust forecasting rules we follow?
  7. Is our sales hierarchy monitoring the right metrics and taking timely corrections?
  8. Are our training needs addressing the performance and Potential Gaps?
  9. Are our Sales Rewards and Recognition Programs addressing the diverse Motivation drives of our people?
  10. Is our customer Engagement Model emphasizing on consultative Selling?
  11. Is our recruitment Process attuned to attract the people with relevant competencies?

If the response is “NO” or “ NOT AWARE” to one or more , then there is an element of vulnerability and it needs to be Mitigated

Management can Mitigate this VULNEREBILITY by

The never ending dilemma of All Sales leadership is to whether “Drive Process” or “Drive for results”. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, we feel the solution also lies within these two only.


“Sales Audit is your tool for exercising more control on the sales management and bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap”